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Brentwood Originals Vintage plush bed rest, Camel

Vintage plush bed rest pillow provides a functional, that someone was lying in bed and read or work can just watch TV comfortably. Jumbo Cord detail makes it look as good as it works. There is also one on the top to make it easy to move from room to room as you want control. This also includes a large side pocket to store your iPod, glasses or TV controllers.

  • bed pillow with arm rests for comfortable, sitting upright in bed from Brentwood Originals, ideal for reading, watching TV or laptop
  • soft plush cover polyester, poly-fill with firm, supportive cushioning
  • handle on top for easy transportation, convenient side pocket for stashing TV control, cells or glasses
  • spot with a damp cloth, available in different colors and different fabric covers
  • measures 26 inches long and 18 cm wide and 18 inches high
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