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DQ-CF623 Li-Ion 9-Cell Laptop Battery for Dell

Compatible Parts: CF623, CF704, CF711, CR160, CW666, CW674, DF192, DF230, DF249, FF231, FF232, GR932, GX047, HR048, HX306, JT784, MM156, MM158, MM160, MM165, NX618, RW220, TT721, WN791, WN979, XD735, XD736, XD739, YD623, YD624, YD626, YW652, YW670, 310-9122, 310-9123, 312-0393, 312-0394, 312-0401, 312-0402, 312-0537, 312-0538, 451-10308, 451-10309, 451-10326, 451-10327, 999C5830F, 999C6570F. Read More »

WD Debuts 2TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

Western Digital announces world's first portable 2.5-inch external hard drive that offers 2TB of storage space. The new My Passport portable drives from Western Digital comes in white, black, silver, blue, and red, with capacities ranging from 500GB to, for the first time, 2TB. Western Digital announced late yesterday the first single-volume portable external hard drive on the market that offers 2TB of storage, 500GB more than the second-highest-capacity portable drive of its type, the GoFlex Ultraportable of Seagate . Read More »

Headphones vs. speakers: Which is better?

Speakers and headphones sound completely different, and people use them in very different ways. When you listen to stereo speakers, you always hear both channels with your two ears. Headphones don't have that problem; the left channel is only heard by the left ear, and the right channel only by the right ear. Read More »

Pink briefcase laptop bag for HP 12.1

New Universal High Quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) Hard Case for 12.1 "screen size laptop, this case is specially designed to fit your 12.1" laptop, this case comes with handles for easy mobility, and this elegant case is made with high quality material Stamina. Read More »

Targus Podium CoolPad PA241U

The Targus Podium CoolPad can improve the cooling efficiency of your laptop by raising the back edge and increasing the airflow around the computer. This can be extremely helpful for laptops that run hot or are over worked. The Targus Podium CoolPad allows you to easily pivot your laptop, making it easy to share the display with someone next to you (for a small presentation for example). The pad consists of an upper and lower surface. The upper surface can swivel independently of the lower surface. Finally, by elevating the computer, you can more easily reach peripherals (PCMCIA slots, video, parallel, & serial ports). Read More »

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