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ASUS U36SD DH51-13.3-inch Thin and Light Notebooks

In today's world, more of our daily computing is done on the way, and notebook computers have become an essential part of our lives. In the past, with a notebook that was flat and easy to sacrifice meant power. Not any more. Introducing the ASUS U36, the world's first 19mm thin laptop with an Intel standard voltage CPU. Equipped with NVIDIA Optimus technology offers the absolute best of the U36 combination of performance and energy efficiency for the size. Read More »

ASUS U46SV DH51-14-inch Thin and Light Notebooks

The ultra-stylish compact 14-inch U46SV-DH51 notebook delivers impressive multitasking performance and long-lasting battery life for up to 8 hours1 of unplugged freedom. From Web browsing to more intensive tasks like gaming, the U46SV-DH51, powered by the second generation Intel® Core™ i5-2430M processor and DirectX® 11-compatible NVIDIA®GeForce® GT 520M graphics with 1GB video memory and 8GB of system RAM, and you get a notebook that fields serious power for every application. Read More »

ASUS U20A-A1 Thin and Light 12.1-inch

Protect your notebook, does not mean it will be too dull or boring. This beautiful Netbook neoprene sleeve allows you to protect your notebook, while expressing itself! With matching zippers and lining, this sleeve does note close to every detail. The rugged neoprene will protect your netbook from scratches, dust, fingerprints and damage. There is an additional pocket to hold and lead specialist accessories. Read More »

Hands-on with the Toshiba Portege R835

One of our most popular reviews last year was of the 13-inch Toshiba Portege R705, a slim high-end laptop that managed to pack in a solid set of components for around $800. It became one of my go-to recommendations for people who liked the look and feel of MacBooks, but wanted to either spend a few hundred dollars less, or had to stay on Windows. But in 2011, the still-popular system was hampered by being stuck on Intel's previous processor platform, while newer laptops moved to the latest Core i-series Sandy Bridge chips, which offered both outstanding performance and excellent battery life Read More »

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