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Digital City: CES 2011 special edition

About Digital City Podcast

Live from New York, CNET’s Dan Ackerman, Julie Rivera, Joseph Kaminski, and Scott Stein explore the impact of new technology on city life and urban environments, from municipal Wi-Fi to high-tech crime to tricks for cutting the line at the Apple Store.

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Meet the Digital City hosts
Dan AckermanFormer radio DJ turned journalist Dan Ackerman grew up in the Bronx and now lives in Manhattan. He’s covered music, technology, and video games for more than 10 years. His latest album, Tales Out of Night School is available now. See profile
Joseph KaminskiJoseph Kaminski, when not juggling the dual demands of parenthood and HD gaming, is a life-long Manhattanite and can be found testing the latest tech in CNET’s Lab. See profile
Julie Rivera Julie Rivera grew up and currently resides in Brooklyn. When she’s not deejaying, bartending, or fixing gadgets for friends on the outside, you’ll find her testing, troubleshooting and developing benchmarks for laptops in the “fish bowl” known as CNET Labs. See profile
Scott SteinScott Stein, CNET’s newest laptops editor, was born in Queens and grew up a Long Islander – and is now raising a kid in NYC. In addition to covering games and tech, writing screenplays, and performing improv in seedy downtown establishments, he’s also a die-hard, season-ticket-holding Jets fan. See profile

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