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Gaming Wrap-up

Another CES in the books means it’s time to take a look at the past few days and highlight what we thought were the most exciting moments of the show. To the right are some video first looks in gaming from CES 2011 show floor.

Unlike last year, gaming was able to earn a few moments of glory this year as we were treated to some impressive products, mild-blowing prototypes, and the latest in state-of-the-art surround sound headsets.

From iPad joysticks to mouse and keyboard control for the Xbox 360, it’s safe to say CES 2011 solidified gaming as a legitimate presence on the show floor.

We also got to see the latest and greatest from third-party accessory manufacturers like Nyko and Turtle Beach; but Creative’s debut effort in the console wireless headset market with the Tactic 3D Omega actually earned the company a nod at our annual best of CES awards.

Alienware was back on the map in our category with its M17x R3 which boasts HDMI-out and in, an Intel P67 express chipset, and impressive graphics chips options at an affordable price. Speaking of portable gaming, Razer’s Switchblade turned a few heads as well, earning itself our People Voice Award. Sure it might be a prototype, and we’re still not completely convinced that a hardcore PC game would take advantage of such a device, bur we were overly impressed by its compactness, sleek form factor, and certainly the doors it can open as a potential viable platform.

There could only be one “best-of” winner year though, and while we’ve already seen the Nintendo 3DS in action, our experience with it at CES 2011 was by far the most intimate and convincing. Of course we’ll have a full review of the first 3D portable system when it launches in March and a lot more details coming later this month.

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