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How to buy the best ultra-thin laptop

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To save money to buy ultra-thin notebook? Buy parallel imports? Or vote for the low configuration version of the same model? NO! Parallel product quality and after-sales service simply can not be guaranteed, while the low version and in the performance of poor interface looks less time is spent to buy some money, but as soon as the product of the issue to pursue, and in the above maintenance take time, energy, money, etc. After looking a bit more harm than good. To select a reasonable allocation, quality ultra-thin notebooks, there are benevolent protection to this product not to use only comfortable, but consumers can actually save a lot of money

The first to save money: First look at material

Currently, the most inexpensive laptop computers for engineering plastics shell can be used, so make the material easy, the cost is very low. Therefore, these products provide lower prices, but for everyday use, the plastic housing is not conducive to the notebook itself, the solid and safe, whether by bus to work underground, or millions, accidentally fell to the ground, is a thin plastic layer to protect completely incapable of internal components and the “fragile” LCD screen. seen by more than one brand of after-sales service at all, often broken or seriously consumer notebook screen Huaping repair, but the exchange of an LCD screen is at least a thousand pieces.

When using the aluminum-magnesium alloy or magnesium alloy shell, you can drop the laptop against compression completely upgraded a notch. Among these advantages are more of a magnesium alloy. Aluminum alloy damping capacity more than 30 times higher, thermal conductivity 200 times higher than the plastic, and its only the plastic properties of the thermal expansion of 1 / 2 Resistance than aluminum and steel, aluminum and steel stiffness and much higher than the glass fiber reinforced plastic. Due to the high cost of magnesium alloy, the material is currently not many on the market application of this section notebooks.

currently on the market without doubt the aluminum alloy Apple MacBook laptop representatives, Jane Eyre 7 Haier is a popular type of magnesium alloy. A little more money, you can choose a robust machine for the love of the shell to prevent possible fragmentation, save not mean Huaping case thousands of dollars it

The second measure to save money: Second Option Screen

After the selection of shell material, you must be a concern is the LCD screen. Home notebooks use more power glossy screen, this screen surface is very smooth, especially on the occurrence of total reflection of light. But the consequence of a not so nice, hard to see in bright light LCD display screen. The business notebook mostly matte screen and matte screen surface is relatively rough, diffuse reflection of light occurs, the screen effect is not clear.

In this case, the mainstream market, there is a handy LED screen. Haier to over 7 Jane Eyre as the use of A + + LED LCD screen, a single element of the reaction rate 1,000 times the LCD screen in bright light that can not stop you watching LCD, because the colored LED backlight more pure, so the color screen, ability, stronger, perform better image quality.

and the LED screen to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees, up to 10 years of life that is more than twice adapted with current LCD screen. conceal from the air more than 5 years of life, a province in the money. You know, for routine applications, a configuration of three or four years is quite sufficient, and the reason why many people will again buy a laptop because the screen aging, the display has completely incompetent reasons.

are present, most laptops are in ordinary plastic buttons on the bottom is the same: that the material and shape and easy to low cost. But the immediate consequence is that the keyboard simply Xijian Kong is dirt, but not easy to clean. And such materials and structures in the form of electromagnetic radiation, the people are not completely at ease.

The current emerging as a technology, metal ions have a keyboard with great advantage. Type of material than conventional plastic the keycaps, keyboard, metal ions are resistant to perspiration, grease, acid-base erosion, prevent wear and last a long time Liang keyboard new keyboard is growing. In addition, because the metal ions effectively isolate radiation, while the keyboard is the PC can effectively in a large radiation with metal ions shield the keyboard much radiation, so the interference of the radiation on the human body they work unique to the metal keypad.

Jane Hale noted above, 7 is the application of the metal ion keyboard will not only feel better, is the most important to avoid radiation. Health, but priceless move

The fourth, to save money: Do not overlook battery

The last two years, many brands have been reported or caught fire and exploded before the recall incident recently at a Japanese brand a battery explosion broke the news. It seems even the international brands, we can not guarantee the safety of his product is one hundred percent. The battery in the security risk, especially overload, deep discharge, high current, high voltage, reverse charge and other reasons.

In this context, have many domestic brands, in fact, better than the international brands, at least from the local market is the domestic brand to serve recently. Jane still Haier 7, for example, this sale a set of new batteries on the application of security technologies, such as protective overcharged the battery and temperature sensor prevents short-circuit protection, over temperature protection and so on, power management software or to extend effective battery life, security and performance thoughtful of the two.

For notebook users buy, in addition to consideration of cost, safety issues can not be ignored, which is very important to save money!

move Fifth, to save money: Services carefully choose

Sometimes, like buying electrical appliances, buy a computer, the machine has not paid the money ready, at any time during use can lead to various software and hardware problems. Not everyone is a computer expert, even if to fix the computer completely understand people who are not themselves in a position to evaluate all issues related to independence. This time, after-sales service is very key as!

Many brands free after-sales service hotline to offer 400, for example, from Monday to Friday 8:30 to 6:00 p.m. HP offers free advice, a hotline service from Sony a little longer than the HP, is open Monday to Saturday, 2009: 00-21:00. In this context, domestic brands still show more sincerity. Lenovo Services is the sun from 9.00 bis 18.00 clock from Monday to Sunday, although there is no guarantee 24-hour on-call, at least in a day of rest is a problem if the computer, and will not call days should not be called by anyone. The best performance in this respect, Haier Haier Computer offers 24 × 7 × 365 天 after-sales service hotline, the first time at any time to ensure that the solution of various problems faced by consumers.

In addition to the online consultation is also the current application was more after-sales services and hotline, but the same services most brands do not have time pressures, the need for a thing such as Haier, the consumer with the Remote Control Haier housekeeper card, 24 hours online consumer services with the equivalent of a personal computer engineer

editor. Comments: 7 Jane Haier Haier sale of a computer listing of the latest ultra-thin notebooks. Shanghai in the just concluded “the most successful year in 2009 Design Competition”, and this product has respected the “most successful Design Award, shows much their authority. So, the more we give the average consumer buying protection.

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