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Intel Releases New Processor iCore

Intel Releases New Processor iCore – The second generation Core processor released by Intel eventually leading International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. Same name i3, i5, and i7, but using the latest processor technology, previously called Sandy Bridge.

Intel Releases New Processor iCore

Latest Intel processor equipped with a number of the latest technology. One that stands out is the ability to display video better. A number of related technologies embedded in it is an Intel Insider, Quick Sync Video, and Wireless Display 2.0.

In total there are 20 types of processors Intel’s Sandy Bridge, which was launched, the following six series chipset, Centrino WiFi, and WiMax adapters. Each processor has a four-core CPU and will be integrated directly with a graphics processor.

The new product will come out to the market next week are produced using 32-nanometer chip production technology. Intel also plans to release two versions of Core him in February with more competitive prices. With the new processors, there are already more than 500 models of laptop and desktop that will use it throughout this year 2011.

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