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Lenovo Products Can Booting Windows 7 under 10 Seconds

Lenovo optimize some of their product lines with Enhanced Experience (EE) 2.0. One effect is to speed up computer boot times.

Lenovo Products Can Booting Windows 7 under 10 Seconds

In fact, Lenovo’s bold claims of their products that use EE 2.0 has the fastest boot time in the world. That is, less than 10 seconds.Garrett Duggar, Product Ambassador Lenovo, says Lenovo’s working with Microsoft in developing EE 2.0. This is the next development of the first version of EE.

Optimization by Lenovo, occur in various aspects. Everything is done on the platform of Windows 7 from Microsoft.

On average, according to Lenovo claims, the use of EE 2.0 will make the computer boot 20 seconds faster than the computer without EE 2.0.

In products with RapidDrive SSD, as IdeaPad Y570 or Y470, Lenovo says the boot time can reach less than 10 seconds.

RapidDrive utilize Solid State Drive to speed up computer performance. Duggar said, SSD at 80GB added to the PC to improve performance beyond existing storage media.

EE 2.0 has application varies, depending on the type of products used. Idea Line, for example, is more optimized for digital audio and High Definition graphics.

While in line Think, EE 2.0 could mean additional capabilities required optimization businesses. Including about security and web-conferencing.

As part of the demo capabilities EE 2.0, Lenovo opening the ‘Lenovo Boot Challenge’ on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronic Show 2011, held 6 to 9 January 2011 in Las Vegas. Those who come with a Windows PC 7 with the fastest boot time got a chance to get USD 10000 (about USD 90 million).

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