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Over Clocking Gaming Laptops

The term over clocking may be foreign to you if you’re not into computer gaming. Over clocking can be one way to inexpensively increase your gaming computer’s performance. Over clocking means the changing of the frequency of the electronic device that acts like a timer that decides how fast the components process data. For laptop computers this means the Front Side Bus (FSB) and the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

All you have to remember is that over clocking means changing the default speed in a CPU to a faster level in order to achieve better performances from your laptop computer. Gamers use it to make their gaming laptop computers faster in order to get the best performance possible.

In order for most CPU makers to make new CPUs rapidly, they design a single processor and then release it with different configurations. The CPU configuration that they release will usually have the frequencies that are the most stable so that the computer will run efficiently. By changing the clock frequency you can have a CPU fun much faster. Most laptop computers that are sold on the market have low to mid range CPUs. But, these CPUs will operate at a faster frequency and provide much better performance.

Many gamers have figured out that changing this frequency they can get a faster CPU without having to pay more money. Over clocking is simply a way of getting a faster laptop without having to pay out more money.

There is a disadvantage to over clocking. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can seriously damage your laptop computer. Which is why over clocking will usually cause the warranty to be voided on your laptop computer. You need to be very careful if you try to over clock your laptop computer.

Over clocking isn’t an easy thing to do. It is very complicated and requires a good knowledge of how computer systems operate and work. What really complicates the entire process are the variations of the physical and electrical characteristics of the various different computer systems in addition to the numerous other factors that are involved like bus dividers, cooling methods, thermal loads, and CPU multipliers.

Remember that when over clocking you’re changing the frequency of the FSB that determines the speed that all your computer components will run. If you change the speed of the FSB you are changing the speed of the RAM and CPU which will result in a faster laptop computer.

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