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Ritelite LPL792 5-LED Light Computer, Metal

  • Five Super Bright White
  • works while to adapt to any USB port
  • Light head and neck to direct light where you need it the most
  • Three settings – on / dim / off
  • compact for easy portability
  • This laptop plug light comes with five super bright white LEDs, up to 100,000 hours. No batteries required, the LED light plugs directly into the USB port on any computer or other device. This laptop has a dual light output of light that shines very bright white light from the front and the soft blue light lit up on the back for reduced eyes. One-touch functions ON / OFF / DIMMER operation. Press once for full brightness, again for softer light and a third time to turn off the light. This USB light has an 8flexible neck for positioning in almost every corner perfect for school, home, office, travel and much more Assembly level / degree of difficulty.! No assembly required.

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