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Sony Vaio T13 Ultrabook


Sony may be late to the Ultrabook party, but it’s sure to make quite an impression with its debut device – the Sony Vaio T13. After many months of waiting, Sony has finally unveiled its first Ultrabook, the VAIO T Series. The real surprise isn’t just how long it’s taken to materialise. Sony has delivered its Ultrabook at the lower end of the Ultrabook spectrum.

Sony Vaio T13 Ultrabook

Not just because the first Ultrabook-branded Vaio machine looks like an incredibly desirable bit of tech. But, because Sony has managed to cram in a decent hardware setup and a wealth of features into a stylish slimline chassis that comes in comfortably inside £700/$1,000.

The CPU on our model was one of the older Sandy Bridge Core i3 models, the Core i3-2367M, and without the Turbo Boost of its Core i5 and Core i7 cousins, it runs at a maximum of 1.4GHz. Equally, there isn’t room in the budget for a full-sized SSD. Instead, Sony has used a 32GB SSD caching drive as per Intel’s requirements, alongside a mechanical 500GB hard drive.

Performance is fine, though. The result of 0.45 in our Real World Benchmarks puts it a little way behind models with Turbo Boost-equipped Core i5 processors, but it’s more than adequate for general use. As ever, the weakling Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset isn’t up to the challenge of our Crysis tests, with the VAIO T13 struggling to an average of 22fps even at the least demanding resolution and quality settings.


Screen resolution           :  1366×768
Screen size                         :  13.3in
Display technology        :  LED-backlit LCD
Graphics card                   :  Intel HD 4000
Memory RAM                   :  4GB
Processor speed              :   1.9GHz
Processor type                 :   Intel Core i7-3517U
Operating system            :   Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 7 Home Premium
Internal storage               :   128GB


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