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Dell XPS 15z Laptop

That's why Dell says this is the "thinnest 15-inch PC on the planet," rather than the world's thinnest laptop. But though it may not make for as compelling ad copy, the XPS 15z is better than its gimmicky thickness claims, and is in fact a well-made, reasonably configurable, upscale multimedia and gaming laptop that includes almost all the high-end extras we'd want, from an (optional) 1080p screen, to a backlit keyboard, to 3D support. Read More »

Hands-on with the Toshiba Portege R835

One of our most popular reviews last year was of the 13-inch Toshiba Portege R705, a slim high-end laptop that managed to pack in a solid set of components for around $800. It became one of my go-to recommendations for people who liked the look and feel of MacBooks, but wanted to either spend a few hundred dollars less, or had to stay on Windows. But in 2011, the still-popular system was hampered by being stuck on Intel's previous processor platform, while newer laptops moved to the latest Core i-series Sandy Bridge chips, which offered both outstanding performance and excellent battery life Read More »

Digital City: CES 2011 special edition

About Digital City Podcast Live from New York, CNET's Dan Ackerman, Julie Rivera, Joseph Kaminski, and Scott Stein explore the impact of new technology on city life and urban environments, from municipal Wi-Fi to high-tech crime to tricks for cutting the line at the Apple Store. Send us e-mail at digitalcity@cnet.com . Add this feed to your online news reader Digital City Podcast topics More on Digital City Digital City on CNET Live Dan Ackerman’s Blog Posts Julie Rivera’s Blog Posts Joseph Kaminski’s Blog Posts Scott Stein’s Blog Posts CNET TV Laptop Videos Meet the Digital City hosts Former radio DJ turned journalist Dan Ackerman grew up in the Bronx and now lives in Manhattan Read More »

The Coolest Laptops of The Show

The Lenovo LePad and IdeaPad U1 combine to form a tablet/laptop hybrid. (Credit: Lenovo) Even with all the laptops on display at CES 2011 , it wasn't too hard to pick our favorites. We scoured the lineups from HP, Toshiba, Sony, and others, along with a few one-offs and prototypes from smaller companies, and selected the coolest laptops of CES In order to make this list, a laptop had to feature either some interesting new technology, an excellent design, unique features, or a perfect combination of price and performance Read More »

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