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DQ-CF623 Li-Ion 9-Cell Laptop Battery for Dell

Compatible Parts: CF623, CF704, CF711, CR160, CW666, CW674, DF192, DF230, DF249, FF231, FF232, GR932, GX047, HR048, HX306, JT784, MM156, MM158, MM160, MM165, NX618, RW220, TT721, WN791, WN979, XD735, XD736, XD739, YD623, YD624, YD626, YW652, YW670, 310-9122, 310-9123, 312-0393, 312-0394, 312-0401, 312-0402, 312-0537, 312-0538, 451-10308, 451-10309, 451-10326, 451-10327, 999C5830F, 999C6570F. Read More »

California Solar Accessories – 40W Portable Folding Solar Charger ISOLAR kit with Li-Ion battery, jumper cables, inverters and DC Charger 40 Watt Folding Solar Panel

Powers laptops, cell phones, lighting, all with a standard connector or USB cable-all with the power of the sun! Comes with 40W Foldable Solar Panel (highest class), rechargeable 8Ah lithium-ion battery, car jumper cables (toll stranded if!), Cigarette lighter adapter and power inverter great for camping, water sports, beach, campers, ... Read More »

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