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Toshiba Portege Z830-S8302 Laptop

The Portege Z830-S8302 takes a backseat to no ultrabook, however, when it comes to input/output features. Sure, others may match its 802.11n Wi-Fi networking and HDMI video port, but the Portege also has good old-fashioned Ethernet and VGA ports, because connecting to wired office LANs and conference-room projectors can still be pretty darn convenient.

Toshiba Portege Z830-S8302 Laptop

For those seeking supreme portability and styling, plus the benefits of the latest technologies and performance, there’s our Portege family. These models feature ultra-thin, super-light, durable and reliable laptops with amazingly long battery life – ideal for mobile professionals and executives – which help them go through their entire day effortlessly and worry-free. No-compromise performance Don’t let the sleek and light design of Portege laptops leave you thinking they’re light on power too. Unlike others, when time comes to get the job done they really get down to business. With full-powered Intel Core processors beneath the hood you’ll be multitasking effortlessly. And thanks to a built-in optical drive, loading programs, backups and sharing work becomes a no-brainer.

The price premium does, however, get you that Core i7 CPU—the same dual-core, four-thread, 1.8GHz Core i7-2677M found in the IdeaPad U300s—as well as 6GB of RAM instead of the usual 4GB. The difference from the Core i3 model is night and day, as the Z830 completed our Adobe Photoshop CS5 test in literally half the time (4 minutes 8 seconds versus 8:17) and pummeled its economical sibling in PCMark 7 (3,366 versus 2,496).

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