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Ultra-Thin Notebook Guide

Ultra-Thin Notebook Guides:

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How to lay aside

“temptation”? Buy a real ultra-thin notebooks. Here is now for ultra-thin notebooks, as we offer four major coup

a coup. Selecting the right measuring the “Tools”

Speaking of ultra-thin notebook size and weight than the majority of consumers, the biggest worry. But the average consumer for laptop-sized, almost no clear idea. Even if the sales staff used 25mm or even 30mm thick notebook to act as an ultra-thin notebook sale, it will probably be consumers face value. In fact, to avoid, JS Flicker, a thickness of 20.5 mm pentagonal coin, it can be laptop we measured the thickness of the best models. Coins with the Pentagon or even the same size bottle simply by a comparison of more than 20mm of notebook that can set all.

appeared on this coin trick Pentagon, in fact, already, I remember only listed Haier 7 Jane Eyre, the Haier Computer with Intel in the big cities to work, instead of the Pentagon a coin a great deal of experience of the activities of the ultra- thin. In order to feel more consumers at the point of Jane Eyre 7 Haier thin 1.88cm, 1.39cm in light of the extremely thin in the United States. How do you keep a thin layer of fashion magazines such as “Jane Eyre” thin 7 How cool, not once challenges the limits of our imagination thin, but we also harvest an ultra-thin in this “medical examination” of the good tips. . Even if you are a newcomer, are using the object, you can also have the option of up to become people

Coup II: Pet, knowledge knocking Material

Pentagon coins addition to ultra-thin notebook of “medical examination” provides one is comfortable and before the purchase if the material is thin, this should not be underestimated. Not to mention notebook is extremely stingy interior makes it a higher heat dissipation requirements, which is light in weight control, engineering plastic materials to achieve in conventional notebook hard this ultimate is thin and light it is not conducive to the laptop itself and uses the security company Finally, a thin layer of plastic is not completely protect the internal components and the “fragile” LCD screen.

Therefore, if the notebook is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy or magnesium alloy shell used, it can be ultra-thin notebooks to increase strength and full pressure drops a notch. Among these advantages are more of a magnesium alloy. Aluminum alloy damping capacity more than 30 times higher, thermal conductivity 200 times higher than the plastic, and its only the plastic properties of the thermal expansion of 1 / 2 Resistance than aluminum and steel, aluminum and steel stiffness and much higher than the glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Although magnesium alloy notebook is not much, but the market is thin spray paint the metal has a few, for the average consumer, where the material identifying notebook? Teardown inspection material is clearly not enough reality. Here we bring you a selection of simple materials Notebook coup, that is, touching or tapping.

The so-called Touch is in the notebook is turned off, the right hand touching the body surface when it chills alloy, and vice versa for the plastic material. Of course, light touch can vote up to one hundred percent, you can easily tap once to cover the books. If the sound is relatively boring, normal is plastic, if the sound is relatively clear, and the feel of steel with metal to metal, which can be a. Current Apple MacBook laptops are considered as representative of the aluminum alloy, while Jane Eyre 7 Haier is a popular model of the magnesium alloy

coup three. Look at configuration

in a relaxed Singled and have a thin metal-based notebook, can not be ignored on its performance. After all, is not ultra-thin notebook display technology, we still need to use a good performance. If at least ultra-thin notebook core of the “core”, it’s best dual-core, the better to help our life and work, and has no effect on the efficiency of slow.

In this context, Haier Jane Eyre 7, as the nation’s first with Ultra Low Voltage Core 2 Duo notebook computers equipped not only with 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB SATA hard drive so that the performance to new heights with the Internet is not with the powerful processing capabilities. At the same Dolby certification, Wi-Fi wireless, camera support, the use of laptop business outside the Internet, high-definition audio and video enrich entertainment experience, make ultra-thin notebooks overall performance improves.

Coup d: pick features

Theoretically notebook should be the same as a notebook, the interface better. But in fact, notebook, usually for ultra-thin, ultra light, often is the interface that is not normally used in the “Save” to size, weight, reach, in extreme cases. But this path notebook on the lack of sufficient user-friendliness, or even universal. Therefore, to ensure ultra-thin notebooks based thin enough, we should focus on ultra-thin notebook interface configuration within the body. At least three USB, a multi-card reader interfaces, it is best to have an HDMI interface.

1.88 a THIN “Jane Eyre 7 In the border area, with VGA, LAN, audio input and output interfaces, the importance of the other is with HDMI, 3 USB δΈͺ equipped and e-SATA, observation of readers as a total of 10 interfaces. Allow users to not only not to ultra-thin notebook concerns given the many different types of business equipment useless interfaces is the real body in ultra-thin laptop achieve the perfect balance of fashion and utility.

Editor Comments: The Pentagon coins, stroking, tapping, performance, function test after four tips, I think you can buy a bed of roses easily the notebook. However, if you want it to harvest in the ultra-thin notebooks, more exceptional performance and best control feelings, then select a windows7 operating system equipped with a notebook, especially on Microsoft’s first Cooperative Extension operators buy win7 ultra-thin notebooks, also viewed as a prudent choice. We already mentioned what to promote Haier win7 Jane Eyre 7 of the first one of the partners, I believe, help its fine design in collaboration with win7 really to get our light of life. An optional ultra-thin laptop will follow the consumer to our four major coup described above, the ultra-thin notebooks and experience relaxed and comfortable in the bar!

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