What about all the new thin and light notebooks?

I do not know if you noticed, but recently there was a lot of new laptops have been thin. This phenomenon with thin and light is credited in part to the newer more powerful phones. The new style of sleek laptops can also be attributed to the times. Companies like Apple was first on the scene a kind of thin and light notebooks that can still be executed. Windows laptops have always tried to top laptops like the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

thinner and lighter laptops has become necessary more powerful with all the newer phones. Phones like the BlackBerry and the iPhone, which is basically like a computer with a double, how fast they can surf the web. The phones are relatively cheap and very light. The phones can read Micro SD cards up to 32GB, which makes the storage problem is not a problem. The phones can offers 3G internet speeds, that people need speed.

The new style also comes from the days when everyone wants to live in something easy and inexpensive. Let me look around mobile phones are getting thinner, computer monitors are getting thinner and thinner TVs are always on. The advantages of thin profile on all those elements more room for other things. If a thinner computer monitor, you can make a desktop anywhere if you have a thin phone, you can set the phone almost anywhere, if a thin TV you can mount it, rather than have a large entertainment center. All laptop manufacturers provide new smaller laptops every day. The designs are added for the most part but the thing no one has figure out how to create a powerful processor like a Core 2 Duo processor into a mini-laptop performed. The Mac Book laptop series does so they are not really mini-laptops are they considered only thin regular sized laptops. The main problem, have the mini-laptops, is that the laptops have no place for the fans that are also necessary efficiently run a Core 2 Duo laptop. If it somehow to create in the future for a slimmer laptop manufacturers fan or maybe a high performance processor that runs cool.

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